You may not realize it, but you have likely seen Jim Collins’ large-scale sculptures around Chattanooga along the Riverwalk, at the Edwin Hotel, or at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. For two weeks, from September 18 to October 1 you’ll be able to see his latest series and from 10am-4pm on Saturday, September 25 you’ll be able to meet the artist Jim Collins at the Ruffner Art Advisory.

We are beyond excited to exhibit his latest series based on the Irish myth of Wooing of Etain. While this series is a departure from his metal sculptures, you’ll find both the depth and complexities of this series subtle, intriguing, and engaging. 

These individual works, which includes over 50 pieces, retell the ill-fated love story between the Irish fairy King Midir and the once mortal Etain with turn of the century artifacts of photographs, labels that qualify as graphic masterpieces, and unique Victorian and regional architectural elements. What we love about these works is Collins’ mastery of constructing aesthetically and lyrical coherent assemblages out of many brilliant pieces. 

I am a long time supporter and fan of Collins’ art and am elated to be Collins’ representative in Chattanooga. Ruffner Art Advisory, in fact, is the only representative outside of Paris France and Highlands, NC to exhibit Collins’ private works. We have been friends for decades and I am as much a fan of him personally as I am of his art. 

Jim Collins Meet & Greet

September 25, 2021


Ruffner Art Advisory

427 East Fifth St.

Chattanooga, TN 37403