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Ruffner Art Advisory is a full-service art advisory providing art appraisal, museum-quality cataloging service, art curation, registration, brokerage, conservation and restoration services to clients across the Southeast U.S. Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Ruffner Art Advisory works with individuals, family offices and estate planning attorneys to help their clients create a collection of art that is as beautiful as it is valuable. With more than 20 years of experience, Ruffner Art Advisory is passionate about helping others build their collections and preserve their wealth with strategies designed to compliment an individual's financial planning and wealth management services.

Our Experience

With roots in Chattanooga, TN, Elizabeth Ruffner spent her undergraduate and graduate career as an archeologist. Through her experience as an archeologist, Ruffner learned the importance of cataloging and preserving valuable artifacts. She noticed a need for an art advisory after seeing countless art collectors and enthusiasts overcharged for pieces and unsure about how to intelligently build their collections and manage their wealth. The Ruffner Art Advisory was built on Ruffner’s passion for art and commitment to giving her clients the best experience while maintaining discretion to their art investments. 

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For more information about finding the location of the spectacular view of historic Chattanooga, Tennessee found in our gallery, please contact Meg Crimmins at (423) 664-2954